Minimal Monday


As you may all be well aware, I am an avid fashion follower, with a keen interest in fashion trends, making my own clothes and street style. I have tried out so many styles over the years yet if you ask one of mes amis they will be able to give you my stay-safe style: something floral, ‘cute’ and glamorous. My brother once asked (after I had gone off to université) whether I had actually left ou pas, due to the sheer abundance of clothes in my armoire. How can one have trop de clothes, I hear you ask?

Despite having found my ‘style,’ I nonetheless like to shake it up un peu, making it a little more intéressant. And what’s wrong with trying something new? So for this month I have discovered minimalism, structuralism and pastels. From it’s clear that power dressing, wool and fur have all been key items for winter and (although they make you feel as if it’s now spring) I think we can keep these trends going for a little longer. So, after having managed to get a beau coat in H&M (would you believe?), I have mixed it up with a grey sporty dress from Galleries Lafayette, a rose jumper from H&M, some Chelsea boots from Clarks, an &otherstories woolly dress, a stripy skirt from Gap, a vintage hat, some fake furs, a Conservertoire stripy top and my lovely, wonderful Chloé shoes. Although this style is nothing like what I normalement wear, I’m going to try and mix it all up a bit even if it only lasts until the fin of this week. Only time will tell, je suppose.

So, here’s to trying something new and seeing whether I enjoy this new minimalist approach. Enjoy!



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